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unprefix :placeholder-shown pseudo-class and ::placeholder pseudo-element


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Maybe not yet, but at some point we should unprefix the :placeholder-shown pseudo-class and ::placeholder pseudo-element.

We had code for the pseudo-class, but it was removed in bug 737786, which added support for the pseudo-element, which we currently implement prefixed.

The names were agreed by the CSSWG in .  Only the pseudo-class is in a spec partly because there doesn't appear to be an active spec approprite for the pseudo-element. is somewhat misleading.
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Why change the name?
The CSS working group resolved on these names after a long discussion; I wouldn't reopen that discussion without a very good reason.
Chrome and WebKit supported.
@percyley, just checked, is not jet supported on Chrome, not even on Chrome canary 49.0.2593.0.
Released in Chrome 47 stable with tons of bugs
::placeholder has been unprefixed in Safari Tech Preview 7.
> * Added the unprefixed version of the pseudo element ::placeholder (r202066)
Whiteboard: [parity-webkit]
(In reply to David Baron :dbaron: ⌚️UTC-7 from comment #0)
> Only the pseudo-class is in a spec [...] partly because
> there doesn't appear to be an active spec appropriate for the pseudo-element.

::placeholder is currently part of Pseudo-Elements Level 4:
Since I'm not 100% sure if we'd need to keep both the prefixed and unprefixed versions for now (which is proving trickier), I figured I'd first offer a version which just removes the unprefixed version. A try run is fine:

I'll work on a version that keeps the prefixed unprefixed versions though, since I'm guessing there is no telemetry on whether it's safe to just support the unprefixed version.
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And here's a patch with both the prefixed and unprefixing versions. A try run only shows unrelated stuff:
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Attachment #8787829 - Flags: review?(bzbarsky)
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Comment on attachment 8787919 [details] [diff] [review]

In devtools/shared/css-properties-db.js, should ":placeholder" really be sorted in with the moz-prefixed things?  I'd guess not.

In layout/inspector/tests/test_getCSSPseudoElementNames.html it almost certainly should _not_ be at the end, but rather before all the moz-prefixed bits.

>+++ b/layout/style/nsCSSParser.cpp
>+  // We currently allow :-moz-placeholder and ::-moz-placeholder and
>+  // ::placeholder. We have to // be a bit stricter regarding the

Stray "//" in there.

>+++ b/layout/style/test/test_selectors.html
>+    should_serialize_to("input::placeholder", "input::placeholder");

Should have a test for ::-moz-placeholder here too, to make sure it doesn't serialize as ::placeholder, right?

r=me, but please send an intent to ship and file a followup to remove ::-moz-placeholder.
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Keywords: site-compat
Thanks, Boris. I just an intent-to-ship (!topic/ and will address your review comments as soon as possible.
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Alright, here's a fresh version of the patch that addresses your comments. Note that there was already an existing test for ::-moz-placeholder serialization (a few lines beneath that one), so I didn't have to add that.

Since the changes were trivial and non-functional, and the patch still applies cleanly to inbound, I'm carrying over r+ and requesting checkin.
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