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Write more test cases for TypedArray on SharedArrayBuffer


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Basic tests are in place but there should be more test cases at least for the following areas:

- the methods set(), copyWithin(), and subarray()
- the structured cloning methods (probably these tests must be written in C++)
Also see the test case on bug 1113718.
SharedTypedArray is gone, but a number of TypedArray tests are not yet converted to test shared memory.  Here are some notes:

Maybe adapt some test cases for cloning (I've added a few to js1_8_5/extensions/sharedtypedarray.js):
- Cloning, see js1_8_5/extensions/clone-typed-array.js.  Here we have two primitives serialize() and deserialize(), this test case can't just be extended to shared memory.
- Ditto, js1_8_5/extensions/clone-v1-typed-array.js.
- Ditto, js1_8_5/extensions/clone-complex-object.js.
- Ditto, js1_8_5/extensions/clone-transferables.js.
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Summary: Write more test cases for SharedTypedArray → Write more test cases for TypedArray on SharedArrayBuffer
Cloning is being tested by sharedtypedarray.js (see testClone1 and testClone2 et seq), recently updated to handle the new postMessage syntax (SAB not required in transfer list but optionally allowed).

Most TypedArray tests test TypedArray on both ArrayBuffer and SharedArrayBuffer because they use the "anyTypedArrayConstructors" construction found eg in tests/ecma_6/TypedArray/shell.js, which sets up test cases on both buffer types.

Doesn't seem like there's more to do here until we find specific lacunae.
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