protect against users stripping away one arch of universal builds and never getting updates again




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5 years ago


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While debugging some stuff for our new update server I discovered that we have thousands of requests per day that appear to be from beta builds, but use build targets like "Darwin_x86_64-gcc3". I did some further investigation in bug 1071576 and I'm now pretty sure that this is the result of users stripping away one arch from our universal builds. Right now, this results in them getting no update at all. That bug is tracking a workaround on the update server, but I think it would be good to protect against this on the platform side as well by continuing to send a universal build target rather than a single-arch one.
I believe we've worked around this before by serving a full update to these users or at the very least talked about just serving a full update for them.
So, sending the universal build target would in some circumstances give the user a partial update when they must get the complete update and require changes to all Mac Firefox clients which is more risky than changing the server side. I suggest this is done on the aus side and wontfix this bug.
Fine by me!
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