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[e10s] Sideways scrolling in large text files does not work well (using trackpad)


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This is kind of a weird issue I have noticed in e10s while scrolling very large text files like TBPL logs.
  WARNING: very large log.

When I open this up in non-e10s mode, and go down to the middle of the file somewhere, using my Macbook Pro's trackpad thing I can easily scroll sideways.  However, in e10s mode, it will often get "stuck" when I try to scroll sideways, until I scroll up or down a little, then it will work.  It feels like it is incorrectly computing the width when deciding if it can scroll or not.

I'm spending a lot of time looking at large TBPL logs so this is pretty annoying, but I'm not sure how common of a use case this is.
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Bill said this sounded like it could be a layout issue, so I'll move it there.
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Product: Firefox → Core
Depends on: 863514
Can you reproduce this by e.g. scrolling with arrow keys, too, or does it only happen with trackpad scrolling?
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Just trackpad.  As Jim marked the dependency, this could be a gestures problem or something and not really layout.  Felipe had a theory that the scrolling was being interpreted as navigation or something.
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Summary: [e10s] Sideways scrolling in large text files does not work well → [e10s] Sideways scrolling in large text files does not work well (using trackpad)
Hi Andrew, 
The url that you provided is not working, can you please attached another link, if you can still reproduce this. Thank you
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I haven't noticed this issue recently, but maybe TreeHerder logs just aren't as wide any more.
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