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/whois should popup dialog instead of displaying text in chat


(Other Applications :: ChatZilla, enhancement)

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(Reporter: neil, Assigned: rginda)


It would be great if, when a user preforms a /whois command on a user, it could
popup a dialog with all the information ordered nicely.
Blocks: patchmaker
this is not a bug but an RFE
Severity: normal → enhancement
confirming as RFE
Ever confirmed: true
Remove myself from QA of 33 open Chatzilla bugs and change to default QA
contact, since I have no way to verify these easily.  Still no working Mozilla
on my primary platform and it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. :(
QA Contact: mozilla → samuel
No what you want is a /uwho command like in mIRC. there are many good reasons
why /whois acts like it does.
May I suggest something intermediate between what this RFE asks and what
ChatZilla currently does? The WHOIS response could be shown in the server tab
instead of the current tab.
Product: Core → Other Applications
My personal idea is to add a single preference for "Use dialogs instead of
displaying data in-line" (with better wording!), which toggles between commands
opening dialogs and not (maybe store flag on the command event data too?).

Commands that might care: whois, who, list, join, connect, attach, server, network.
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
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