Don't provide a mistyped-name suggestion when no names are "similar enough" to the name in question




4 years ago
4 years ago


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4 years ago
<jorendorff> FAILED! [reported from test()] */;") : Expected value 'ReferenceError: setter is not defined, did you mean 'stop'?', Actual value 'ReferenceError: setter is not defined, did you mean 'neuter'?'

"setter" is not at all close to "stop".  "setter" is also not at all close to "neuter".  We shouldn't be making a suggestion at all here, if it's going to be as bad as these.

(Does our distance metric not consider keyboard layouts or something?  The "s" and "n" in "setter"/"neuter" are not at all near each other on a qwerty keyboard, but I'd expect likelihood-of-typo to be a factor in the distance algorithm.)
It is just plain ol edit distance, no keyboard layout optimizations or anything.
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