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Menu Reorganization - Tools is now Page tools, new Page tools menu list


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As part of the menu reorganization, rename 'Tools' to 'Page tools' to specify what those options are. 

The new Page tools menu will be:
* Subscribe to page
* Save page as PDF
* Add as a Search Engine (previously Add a Search Engine)
* View site permissions (previously Edit Site Settings) [also, add disability if there are no choices]
* Request desktop site (moved down from main menu)
* Add to Home Screen
* Mirror page
In case it adds some value, here is a snapshot of UI telemetry for the main menu. This is data for a single day.

With "desktop_mode" (Request Desktop Site) used as heavily as it is, should we move it down a level in the structure?
Being used and working are unfortunately two different things here. In my own testing, 9/10 times this request didn't work. I searched bugs to see if an issue already existed, and found bug 788921 that supported  my own theory that with more modern sites, this request mechanism isn't valid anymore. Unless we can produce a way to actually render full content with a higher success rate I say we quietly place it categorically.
Summary: Tools is now Page tools, new Page tools menu list → Menu Reorganization - Tools is now Page tools, new Page tools menu list
Blocks: menu-reorg
No longer depends on: menu-reorg
There's some good ideas in here. But a lot of this stuff has changed with our recent work in doorhangers and settings reorg. 

So, I'm just going to close this as WONTFIX right now and keep these ideas in mind for future work :)
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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