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Test teardown helper to ensure all fronts have been destroyed


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In bug 979536, a test was added to ensure fronts are destroyed after toolbox close.  This is important, especially for WebIDE's use case, where the client remains in use after the toolbox is closed.  See more reasoning in bug 979536 comment 7.

However, the test there only catches those fronts that are created by simply opening each tool panel.  There are various fronts that aren't used until you perform some kind of UI interaction.

Alex suggested we transform this work into a test teardown helper that we could sprinkle throughout our tests to ensure all toolbox closes do not have fronts left behind:

"I'm wondering if we can take most of browser_toolbox_tool_remote_reopen.js and reuse it has helper in tool-specific tests as setup/teardown helpers...
It would create target/client and open the toolbox, then let the specific test do stuff and assertion,
then would always assert for empty pools and cleanup stuff."
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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