signing a transaction in a webpage with a certificate




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Windows 7

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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to sign with a certificate a transaction in a webpage using Firefox Beta 33.

Actual results:

It doesn't event bring up the certificate, and gives the server an empty response

Expected results:

It should bring up the option to let me choose which certificate should I use to sign that transaction. And then respond the server with the certificate to be able to sign

Comment 1

4 years ago
It has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit and OS X Mavericks


4 years ago
Group: core-security


4 years ago
Summary: siging → signing a transaction in a webpage with a certificate

Comment 2

4 years ago
have the same problem in 33 release on ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04

Comment 3

4 years ago
well, OK, looks like api was changed in 33, so this is not bug...
I just received recommendation from bank to use ESR until they'll rewrite there software. Also, as I see in changelogs, change is documented at least in 33 beta  relase notes from Sept 2.

Comment 4

4 years ago
This IS a bug, I am using certificates that are not self signed, they belong to intermediate certificate authorities recognized by VeriSign. While trying to get the certificate for signing a transaction on the page, I get no option to choose, and the page receives nothing, this means Firefox is not providing any chance of bringing the certificate to the server
Please retest this issue with the latest version of Firefox ( If you are still having this issue, please provide the exact steps and some links we could test this with.
Thank you.
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Marking this as Resolved: Incomplete due to the lack of response from the reporter.
Reporter, please feel free to reopen it if you are still having this issue.  
Thank you for your time.
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