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Loop Dashboard needs to report the number of accepted calls daily


(Cloud Services :: Operations: Metrics/Monitoring, task)

Windows 8
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User Story

As a product manager I want to know daily the number of calls being accepted so that I know how the service gets used.  

An accepted call means:
* An incoming call notification gets prompted and the user hits "accept"
      No description provided.
Component: Server → Client
QA Contact:
Alexis, I don't understand why this is client, shouldn't the server know how many websockets get to the state "connecting"?
Flags: needinfo?(alexis+bugs)
Yeah sorry, I had trouble getting this to the right places. This bug is about having the dashboard display the number of accepted calls daily, and I believe this is part of "Mozilla Services :: Ops / Metrics".
Component: Client → Operations: Metrics/Monitoring
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Product: Loop → Mozilla Services
QA Contact:
Summary: Server needs to report the number of accepted calls daily → Loop Dashboard needs to report the number of accepted calls daily
Katie, feel free to open bugs on the server if you need new fields to be returned trough heka.
Will do, I think we can do this with existing data.
Assignee: nobody → kparlante
Blocks: 1036059
Alexis, I changed my mind, I think we do want/need additional logging.

Proposal: log information about each client/server interaction on the websocket. Fields, depending on message type:
- "sender" : <"UA" or "server">
- "messageType" : <"hello", "error", "progress", "action">
- "state": <progress states>
- "reason" : <"unknown_callid", "invalid_authentication", "unauthorized", or termination reasons>
- "event" : <"accept", "media-up", "terminate">
- "callid" 

Also include the standard fields (, including:
- "Type": "websocket.message"

We only need the "action" messages for this particular bug, but I'd recommend logging all of them if its not too chatty.

Does that sound right to you?
Flags: needinfo?(alexis+bugs)
That sounds right to me. We need to add the appropriate bugs on the serverside component for this (keeping the NI about that so I can do that monday).
Depends on: 1085252
No longer depends on: 1085252
Oops, I need more bugzilla fu!
Depends on: 1085252
Flags: needinfo?(alexis+bugs)
Marking as WON'T FIX since we will move direct calls to the room model, therefore this is not required anymore.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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