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Locale option displayed even if some fonts support are missing


(Firefox for Android :: Locale switching and selection, defect)

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Tested with:
Device: Alcatel One Touch
OS: Android 4.1.2
Build: Firefox for Android 33 Beta 8

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Firefox
2. Go to Settings -> Language -> Choose Oriya (or) / Gujarati (gu-IN)

Expected results:
- Firefox is displayed correctly.

Actual results:
- Whitespace, empty lines are displayed.

- 33 Beta 8 and 34.0a2 Aurora (01-10-2014) are affected
- on 35.0a1 Nightly (01-10-2014) the locale options mentioned are not present in Language (browser language).
I thought this was resolved with bug 1023451?
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Bug 1023451 prevents us offering locales for which _their own representation_ can't be displayed with the fonts on the device.

Given that Teodora was able to correctly pick those locales, I assume that they rendered correctly (probably in Latin script), but the device fonts can't render real content.

We could extend our checks to, for example:

  * Find a string that's routinely localized 'deeply' (i.e., no imported words/scripts, no punctuation)
  * See if that renders, as well as the locale name.
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Depends on: 1023451
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Priority: P5 → --
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See Also: 1102370
See Also: → 1102370
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