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Web-platform-tests are too intermittent to enable on OSX


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For some reason OSX seems to show more instability than other platforms. This suggests that the problem is either with marionette or core gecko on that platform. The instability isn't obviously limited to one set of tests. I spent some time with a slave trying to reproduce this and the most suspicious thing was that when a test unexpectedly timed out, it seemed to be impossible to load any further pages in that browser session without clearing the cache.

If this is a gecko problem I expect I will need some insight from gecko hackers to resolve it.
This improved greatly when jdm patched sptserve to queue more connections.

Based on cedar testing, I now think these are stable enough to enable on 10.8 (but not 10.6).
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Enable wpt on OSX 10.8 for non-cedar trees. Tested using braindump and it seems to do the right thing.
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This didn't land before the 38 uplift to aurora, so attached a rebased version of the patch that should only enable things for >= 39 (this time I plan to land it right away).
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So...2 10.8 W2 runs on inbound so far, both failing. I'm going to be hiding it now.
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I think this should be unhidden now.
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