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IonMonkey: Implement RToFloat32 Recover Instruction


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Implement RToFloat32 in js/src/jit/Recover.cpp.
See Bug 1003801 comment 0 for explanation.

To produce a MToFloat32, write "Math.fround(x)" in the test case.
Here's my implementation of this. I haven't really touched the Mozilla codebase before so I hope the patch is at least going in the right direction. I'm not sure the test cases are correct, but at least there is a gray "tofloat32" in the iongraph output for rtofloat32_number.
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Implement the RToFloat32 instruction

Review of attachment 8507910 [details] [diff] [review]:

Welcome to the Mozillian community :)
The patch looks good, I will remove the trailing white space and send the patch to our continuous integration system.
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This is the link to our try-server, which is where we select tests which are running before merging the changes into mozilla-inbound.  If all of these turn green, then it would be good for landing.

As the Try run is green, for the tests that we are interested in, I pushed the patch to mozilla-inbound.  Later today, a sheriff will merge the branch into mozilla-central and your modification would be available to every Nightly user.

You can follow how it goes on continuous integration system:

Congratualation :)

Is there any other issue that you want to address?
Thank you for accepting the patch! I was a bit surprised to see it approved on the first try. 

As for the trailing white space, I guess it was on line 76? It took me a couple of reads to even notice that.
(In reply to Jyri Pyykkönen from comment #5)
> Thank you for accepting the patch!

The patch is good, there is no reason to refuse it, and I am forgiving about trailing white space on the first patches ;)

> I was a bit surprised to see it approved
> on the first try. 

If you want to play again, I can find a few bugs with increasing level of difficulties.
Such as Bug 1062888, Bug 1066040 and Bug 1068605.  Otherwise you can have a look at
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