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[Philippines] Initiate New Market in the Firefox Marketplace


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1) What is the in-country name of the entity doing business? This is the name recognizable to the customer, likely the name of the company on their mobile bill or the brand of device hardware.

//Marvin: Philippines

2) In what language should content be displayed in the Firefox Marketplace for your customers?

//Marvin: English, Tagalog is NOT required.

3) What currency do your customers expect to see?

//Marvin: Tarako do not need payment.

4) Where is the target in-store launch for this new market? (country(s)  or online?

//Marvin: Philippines, open market, targeting Early November, 2014.

5) What is the target in-store launch date for this new market?

//Marvin: Philippines, open market, targeting Early November, 2014.

6) Would you like to consider / discuss operator billing? Y / N

//Marvin: N

7) Who will be the in-country, legal contact for this Firefox Marketplace relationship? 

//Marvin: TBD

8) Who is filling out this form? Please provide name, Company name, Job title, email and phone number with country code.

//Marvin: Marvin Khoo, Product Manager Device team located in TPE.

9) MCC (and MNC if the partner is also an MNO/MVNO)

Globe Internet: MCC 515, MNC 02
SMART Internet: MCC 515, MNC 03
SUN Internet: MCC 515, MNC 05

Content Restrictions and Regulations

Mozilla would like to ensure that content offered to your customers matches your content policy.	

10) Do you have content restrictions as per your company policy or per the target market in-country? Y / N  

//Marvin: N

10.1) If yes, what is your content policy? Please paste or link to it in the space to the right or indicate "Not Applicable"

Marvin: Not Applicable

10.1) Is your content policy Mandatory / Suggested?

//Marvin: N/A

11) Are there standards bodies governing content, games, apps in the country(s) where the device will launch?  Y / N

//Marvin: TBD.

11.1) If yes, please provide additional information. Please paste or link to regulatory and governing bodies in the space below.

//Marvin: TBD

Content Ratings System
If you, or the country where the device will launch, requires a content rating system, please answer the following questions.	

12) What is your content rating system? 

//Marvin: TBD.

12.1) What kind of content does it apply to? (e.g. Games, all apps) 

//Marvin: TBD.

13) Do you support age restrictions on customer accounts? For example, parents can restrict a child’s account based on either content or purchasing, or require parental permission to use mobile billing to charge for content?

//Marvin: No.

Customizable Content Collection (Operator Shelf)
Mozilla has the ability to customize a collection in the Firefox Store just for you. Details on the operator shelf and how it works can be found at this link:	

14) Will you want this feature for your launch? Y / N

//Marvin: N

14.1) What company name should Mozilla use to describe this collection? (Should be recognizable to your customers)

14.2) How should the URL display for the your customized collection? usually

14.3) Please provide a link to a 64x64 pix EPS, AI or png file of the Operator's logo for use on the category page Logo should be recognizable to your customer

14.4) Who is the point of contact to work with UX / Design to ensure the logo works with the Firefox Marketplace layout and design?
Whiteboard: [tarako_only]
Marketplace is no longer. Closing.
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