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Making sure Loop complies with Firefox system requirements


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Users report performance issues with Loop through (crashing Firefox, slow performance, RAM use (.8-1.5GB), video tiling, ...).

Part of the testing process do we ensure that Loop complies with the Firefox system requirements - ?
In my experience the types of issues you're citing tend to be very user specific and would not be caught through testing unless they were extremely common and widespread. That said, I'm having a hard time finding evidence to support the idea that performance is a widespread issue.

Here's what I found for the last month[1]:
* 1 report mentioning the word "crash"
* 1 report mentioning the word "slow"
* 0 reports mentioning the word "hang"
* 87 reports mentioning the word "quality"
* 334 reports mentioning the word "disconnect"

It seems like most people are complaining about "disconnect" issues (bug 1074517?) and an extreme minority are have performance/stability issues. My suggestion would be to work with the User Advocacy team to see if there are specific common complaints we could be investigating and to tackle them individually in separate bug reports.

Note that while we have performance tests that warn us of regressions, we don't tend to do testing to ensure a particular feature is conforming to our system requirements. In actuality, I think the system requirements are reviewed from time to time to make sure they reflect the reality of the product, not the other way around.

Thanks for the clarifications on the process.
If testing to ensure a feature conforms with system requirements is not the way we handle system requirements compliance then this bug should be closed.
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