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Fennec prevents screen turning off and locking


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(firefox34 unaffected)

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(Reporter: glandium, Assigned: wesj)



(Keywords: regression)

Since a few days (I think), when fennec is the foreground application:
- the screen won't turn off automatically on idle
- when the screen it turned off manually, turning it on doesn't bring the unlocker, and just brings me back to fennec.

I noticed this a couple days ago on a local build and have reproduced on nightlies. I haven't searched for a regression range.
Wes, this sounds like a keyguard thing… any thoughts?
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Blocks: powah
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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: regression
tracking-fennec: ? → 35+
Sounds a bit like bug 1072091. Are you using Fennec in Guest mode? We may also do this if your phone is just not securely locked (i.e. swipe to unlock).
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> Are you using Fennec in Guest mode?

I don't think I am. What is guest mode?

> We may also do this if your phone is just not securely locked (i.e. swipe to unlock).

Indeed, it's swipe to unlock. That doesn't make it fine to prevent locking, though. I do rely on the lock screen showing up to see the clock and notifications on it. That doesn't work when the last thing I did was to use nightly.
glandium, can you test in 34?
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It doesn't happen on current beta.
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We turned off the lockscreen on Aurora. Since this feature is behind a nightly flag now (and won't be turned on for 36), I don't think its worth tracking a release.
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Fixed by backing out the keyguard mode.
Closed: 8 years ago
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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