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Support auto-logging into some web sites


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If Firefox already has your user login and password for a specific web site (Twitter, Facebook, whatever), can we add something on Top Sites (or a Home Panel) or a Menu that would:
1. Open a new tab for the web site
2. Auto-fill the user login and password
3. Login

Maybe this is something we could tie to existing bookmarks and history items. Maybe we could add a doorhanger "Would you like to automatically log into this web site next time?"

I don't know if we could pull off making this Just Work without creating a canned list of web site rules: How the login form works, How to tell if the password is now failing. We might need config files, like the OpenSearch XML files for search providers, to help make this work.
From having tried this in the past: it's a mess. Some problems:

1) Auto-submitting logins can be hard. Some sites don't use a <form>. Some sites require the right combination of focus events to happen on the inputs before the submission will work.
2) Handling the case of multiple accounts complicates things, especially when the user thinks they can automatically login with username1 when they are already logged in as username2. 
3) It's a bad, slow, and fragile approximation to what users really want, which is a magical way to quickly sign in/out of their favorite properties. I.e., one click that opens your logged in Facebook page vs. a Rube Goldberg experience which loads a page that hopefully has a login form, fills the form, tries to submit, and finally shows the logged page landing the user was really trying to get to.

Some products that offer this feature try to hide how the sausage is made by hiding all the automation until it's done, which has its own set of problems around masking failures.
I'd like to see automatic logins as well. A proper implementation will (likely) require updates to browsers, websites, web standards and perhaps auth providers, so it's a very high-level feature requests.

A per-site option (in the account / password manager) for what account should be used for auto-login would be nice.
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