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Change Feedback URL for Firefox x64 Edition


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we should change the feedback URL for the 64-bit version of Firefox to enable differentiation between regular Aurora and 64-bit feedback.
Input doesn't really have a good way to do this unless we make this a separate product. The url scheme looks like this:
Honestly, I think it's good enough to add a source=product, campaign=win64 or something like that at least for this round. I think a new product is probably the better way to go long term but the win64 browser is not ready for close to prime time.
I talked with the illustrious Cheng and Gregg on the IRCs and we talked about the various places we could save data to differentiate this to more easily analyze the resulting feedback. We decided the best thing to do is to have this be another Input product.

We suggest you change <> from this:

to this:

That makes this the "firefox64" product.

If that sounds ok, then I'll create a produce on Input dev, stage and prod environments.
Will, can you make this change to create a new Input product for Win64 Firefox?

Win64 Firefox has been available since Firefox 43 [1], but not widely advertised because we still have some Flash compat bugs.

The current pref [2] has separate product names for Dev Edition ("firefoxdev") and other channels ("firefox"). I don't think we need to create both "firefox64" and "firefoxdev64". Do we even need the firefoxdev product? I don't see Dev Edition broken out as its own product on

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Wow--this was a long time ago.

Firefox dev edition is a separate product in Input, but I don't know if people are leaving feedback for it. I'm pretty sure it's set up so that it doesn't show up on the front page dashboard, but it's definitely there since you can see it on the product picker:

I'm pretty sure I set up a Firefox Windows 64 product, too, but I don't think that's enabled in the product picker.

However, since I wrote up this bug and worked on it a bit, I've switched projects twice and neither work on this project anymore and don't have access to the admin.

I'm needinfo?ing the illustrious Mike Kelly who I think owns Input now in whatever capacity that entails.

Mike: Can you help Chris out?
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Thanks, Will!

Hi Mike, this is not a high priority. The Firefox product team is looking to identify issues that block wider rollout of 64-bit Firefox, so I'm triaging old bugs related to 64-bit.
For context: We're planning to shut down Input soon(ish) and replace it with a SurveyGizmo survey for users to leave feedback with. The hard deadline for this is November (the Persona shutdown) but I'm hoping to do it sooner, it's just lower priority than my other projects currently.

I'm not yet sure if we'll still need this change for the survey to determine that the user is on 64 bit Firefox. Tyler, Matt: Can SurveyGizmo detect 64-bit Firefox without getting any special parameters in the URL? If not, assuming we make input preserve parameters during the redirect to SurveyGizmo, what parameters would you want to use?
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We can detect x64 Firefox in the User Agent, so that shouldn't be a big problem.
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Sounds like we don't need to make this change then. :D
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