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Develop a commitment curve visualization for the ateam


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>>Project/Request Title:
Develop a commitment curve visualization for the ateam

>>Project Overview:
on the ateam, we have been working hard to reinvent the way we work so that all our work is more streamlined with a contribution model instead.  This has resulted in us creating a commitment curve which outlines the different levels we support inside the ateam for folks who work with us on a regular basis.

We want a way to visualize this.  Our current way is good, which requires some updating.  Some polish or a full redesign would be nice.  We are developing some badges that go along with these levels.

>> Creative Help Needed:
Copy:    No 
Design:  Yes 
Video:   No 
Other:  No

>>Creative Specs:
We want a graphic (.jpg/.png/etc.) that has information on it in a visually appealing way.

>>CTA and Design:
current rendition:

text we care about:

Explorer (replaces discover):
* Find bug(s) to work on
* Setup development environment
* Become familiar with Mozilla resources (irc, bugzilla, mdn, hg/git)

Associate (replaces involve):
* connect with ateam on irc #ateam
* resolve 3 good first bugs on the team
* commit to working on a project going forward
* work with at least 2 others on the ateam
* resolve a good next bug

[earn core associate badge]

Core Contributor (replace contribute):
* resolve 5+ good next bugs
* participate in meetings and discussions
* file bugs for additional work
* review code
* work with at least 5 new mozillians

[earn core contributor badge]

Project Owner (replace build):
* Setup mozillians profile, get try level 1 access
* Take a project and break it down into features, docs, bugs
* Propose new features on existing projects
* Initiate discussions / meetings
* Help out new contributors

[earn project owner badge]

Lead (replaces Force Multiply):
* Mentor at least 2 contributors to the Core Contribution level
* Have ownership of 3 or more projects (completed, in progress)
* Involvement in discussions, bugs, goals for most areas of the team
* Develop quality code
* Find duplicated features/projects and new uses for existing ones

[earn lead badge]

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Launch Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:
Million Mozillians

>>Points of Contact:,,
Assignee: jbalaco → sblam21
Hey guys, I came up with a couple of designs for the curve; adding them now. Let me get the likes and dislikes so I can move forward to get this bug completed. Thanks!
Attached image curve_idea-01.jpg (obsolete) —
Attached image curve 3-01.jpg (obsolete) —
If the colors are too much I can use grey just like the previous Ateam curve
I think the curve-idea is really nice.  In fact the colors are great.  One thing I like on there is the 6th color which indicates this continues on.  I do wish the text on the right was more in alignment with the areas- maybe we could make the colors larger or add more space in between them?  would it help to have fewer lines of text?  Maybe we could come up with logos for the work (i.e. a bugzilla logo and it gets larger as they move up the chain).

In summary- the color coding is great and so is the way the image indicates there are more levels after what is described. I would prefer if we could align the text better with the levels, or find some way to help associate it all visually.
Attached image curve_3-01.jpg (obsolete) —
Updated the curve here. Let me know if we need to change anything...
So a few things I noticed.

1. LEAD has a [earn core associate badge] under it.

2. For Explorer, in the text it would make more sense for the "Become familiar with ..." at the first spot.

As Joel mentioned too, I liked what the 6th color signifies. I was wondering if the line could end with an arrow head indicating that it is a continuing journey!

Joel, I was wondering if we could drop "Develop Quality Code" from the LEAD stage. This, in my opinion has a negative connotation to it!

Other than that, I think the image is great!
yes, lets remove Develop Quality code from the LEAD stage.

One thing i am thinking of is hexagon building blocks (thinking of the 2013 summit) where we have stackable blocks.

first stage would have a single block for bugs, and a single block for setup

next stage would have 3 bug blocks, an irc block, a project block, and two people blocks

this would work into a puzzle that continues to grow.  I am not sure if that would look good, but it would be tough to balance that and the text- would this be easier with less text?
Attached image edited version of curve
I have another version I want to submit later.
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Attachment #8508459 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Attached image hex_ateam-01.jpg
Another Version
I like that graphic, though the text for the levels in that graphic does match the text in comment #0 for several hexes...

Also I'm wondering if we need to be cleared on the "Project Owner" text. "Take a project and break it down" isn't really the same as "owning" that project.  Project ownership is a big responsibility, not just managing its development but also its deployment and on-going maintenance, so I'd like to see that called out.
*Need to be clearer, sorry.
Here is some revised text that should make the hex's look better:

Explorer (replaces discover):
* Find bugs to work on
* setup irc, bugzilla, hg/git, environment

Associate (replaces involve):
* work with 2+ mozillians
* 3+ good first bugs
* 1+ good next bugs
* get involved in a project

[earn core associate badge]

Core Contributor (replace contribute):
* 5+ good next bugs
* participate in meetings
* file new bugs, review code
* with with 5+ mozillians

[earn core contributor badge]

Project Owner (replace build):
* mozillians profile, commit access
* split a project into features/bugs
* Propose new features on projects
* Initiate discussions / meetings
* mentor new contributors

[earn project owner badge]

Lead (replaces Force Multiply):
* Mentor 2+ contributors to be Core Contributors
* develope, own, and maintain a project
* participate in all areas of the ateam
* Solve problems by reusing existing projects

[earn lead badge]

lets see how that looks!
Just adding some comments from a meeting we had earlier (hopefully these aren't too bikesheddy):

I find the hexagonal description rather maze-like. I don't think that's really the metaphor we want to broadcast for what ateam contribution is like.

I like the original curve graphics better -- the only thing I might change there would be to have the pyramid going UP, and left to right -- at least in most cultures, that's how we view a progression.
Steven, can you update the graphic from the text in comment 13, then maybe turn it to the right (so the arrow is not going down)
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clearing the needinfo here
Flags: needinfo?(sblam21)
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