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[hi-IN] Localize new auto-responders for Get Involved page redesign


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Localization for the new contribute page is complete, but in order to publish this page we need to set-up autoresponders, which are not available on Pootle.

Autoresponders are sent to all potential contributors that fill the form on the page.

Autoresponder templates:

There are 2 options:
* create a generic_template.txt, a generic reply that will be used for all areas. See also
* localize all available autoresponders (28 files).

We also need to localize the subject for these emails.
English for example is currently using "Inquiry about Mozilla ________" (with the area name).

We can't go live with the new version of the page unless we have at least one generic autoresponder set.
Hello Flod,

Thank you for helping me out. I will pass this on to our team members and will do the work accordingly.
In the mean while will at-lease make one generic auto responder.

Thank You
Small update: you're actually missing 3 strings from contribute.lang

Also, an important part of that page is in contribute-stories.lang, which can be enabled separately.

contribute-stories.lang file has been forwarded to team. Will complete that soon.
contribute-stories.lang file Done!
Attached file generic_template.txt
Generic auto responder file attached. Please check.
(In reply to umesh.agarwal1 from comment #5)
> Created attachment 8507665 [details]
> generic_template.txt
> Generic auto responder file attached. Please check.

It doesn't work. 

This email needs to explain:
* How the hi-IN community works and is structured.
* Which projects you work on.
* How to get in touch (do you have forums? mailing lists?), provide useful links for contacts and documentation

The email needs to be complete, no variables/replacements ("Project Name", "Link for project"), so provide all the information directly in the text.

We also need the subject for this email: some locales used "Welcome to Mozilla", other "Inquiry about Mozilla", it's your choice.

As explained on dev-l10n-web, this is no more an urgent request, since we won't be able to publish new pages before Nov 10. But once fixed it will be out of the way nonetheless.
Thia will be completed during the the event :
I suggest to create a localized generic reply, and give this bug a low priority. 
At the moment they're still not used, and we don't know when they'll be :-\
Yes we will create a generic reply for our community use!
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Just closing the bug as the work is completed!
File committed
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