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Register pulse users for treeherder


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PulseGuardian was recently deployed... And mcote is working to migrate away from the public pulse user.

The exchange offered by treeherder will be:

I advice that someone who owns treeherder and plans to stick around for a while, registers the pulse usernames:
  - treeherder           (for deployment on
  - treeherder-staging   (for deployment on

You register these on, do sign in a persona account vouched on! I think mcote will later make this a requirement.

See PR in bug 1016117 for how to set the configuration, basically, you'll need to specify:
As either environment variables or in the configuration file for treeherder.

The person who registers these should also add:
 - exchange/treeherder/v1/new-result-set
 - exchange/treeherder-staging/v1/new-result-set
to the page:

I've already added the first, but a better description could be added, and my email shouldn't be listed as maintainer. Hopefully someone from the treeherder team can do that.
The person who registers these users will set the passwords for them and have to set them in the configuration for both the and deployments.

Ideally, it should be someone who owns/maintains treeherder.
Can you recommend someone who can take on this responsibility?

Note, this bug should be really easy/quick to fix :)

For reference the PR that introduces the configuration variables is:

Specically this commit:
Flags: needinfo?(mdoglio)
Blocks: 1072676
I already created the needed users. I'll make sure the credentials are on stage when your patch lands there
Flags: needinfo?(mdoglio)
I believe the request that's in the summary is now complete, and the followup work is happening in other bugs, so this is now fixed.
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