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Send EME downscaling notification from CDM to JS


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If a CDM loses authority to decode HD video, it downscales HD input to SD output. The CDM needs a way to notify the web app so it can save bandwidth by switching from HD to SD stream.
Summary: Send EME downscaling notification from CDM to web app → Send EME downscaling notification from CDM to JS
cpearce says: Sounds like the preferred solution is to have MediaKeySession.getUsableKeyIds return info about whether downscaling is required for a particular key and send a keyschange event when downscaling happens.
These bugs are fit and finish issues that might block EME uplift to Aurora.
Blocks: eme-m3
No longer blocks: eme-m3
Basically here we need to update MediaKeySession.usableKeyIds to be keyStatuses instead, and ensure that the CDM can use that API to report downscaling. We may need to add something to the MediaKeyStatus enumeration.

We need to sync up with Adobe before we implement this.
Can we associate resolution with MediaKeyStatus? "output-not-allowed" doesn't really tell much.
JW: would you be able to take this? I'm being sidetracked helping out with MSE for the next couple of weeks.

I think we should go ahead and include a "downscaled" key status, as is being proposed here, even though it's not made it into the spec yet:
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It looks like MediaKeySession.keyStatuses is not implemented at all. Is there already a bug for that?

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Yes. This bug covers implementing keyStatuses. :)
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Depends on: 1121332
Add kGMPOutputDownscaled and kGMPInternalError to GMPMediaKeyStatus.
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Excellent. Thank! This can land right? Would be good if we can get this into Sunday night PST's Nightly.
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