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Filters dropdown panel doesn't update UI correctly


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Using the filters dropdown an adding a field like "group symbol" "W" causes the URL to be updated to contain &field-job_group_symbol=w but hides all jobs. Reloading the page then causes the filter to apply, but the fact that the filter is applied doesn't get reflected in the dropdown UI. This makes the filtering functionality very painful to use.
I'm not sure if I have to state this directly but I'd like to work on this bug if possible.
Cameron or Mauro, could you take a look at Kristján's PR? :-)
Assignee: nobody → koddsson
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Priority: -- → P2
Attached file treeherder-ui-PR#240
Thanks for helping out Kristján! I've added your same PR as a 'text' attachment (the path to the PR on Github), and flagged a review request for both Cameron and Mauro, whoever gets to it first.
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Just a quick update, I'm reviewing this patch
@koddsson thanks for looking into this. I tried your PR locally and I still see the issue. Does it work for you locally?
Let me double check that and get back to you :)
Still works for me! It´s entierly possible that I misunderstood the issue though so I made a gif and attached it to this bug report.
I can't tell from that gif if it's working or not. It shows that some things are removed when the filter was applied, but in the original bug everything was removed, not just the things that don't match the filter.
Oh man, I completely skipped trough that part when I was reading it and therefor thought that this was just about the missing tag from the UI. My PR does not address the issue of the jobs being all cleared out on filtering but I've got some time this weekend to sort that out if that's cool.
I just pushed a change that should have this all cleaned up and fixed.
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I provided feedback on github
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OK, I don't know if I can usefully help here without learning the whole treeherder frontend code. Which I would really prefer not to do ;)
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This is partially addressed in the merged PR, but needs more work.  That work will continue in this bug:
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Closed: 9 years ago
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