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create a bugzilla template for whitelist applications


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we are have a white list that folks need to apply to access to allow their sites to use screen sharing.  The policy is here, we need to add a link to a bugzilla template to manage applications.

we are looking for something similar to this template:

Our New Component: Screen Sharing Whitelist
Pre-filled Assignees:,,

<<Please supply the following information for a new screen sharing whitelist requests>>
Point of contact: 
Method of contact:
Site URLs requesting addition to the Whitelist for screen sharing: 
Access request details <<please answer the questions below and freely ask for any clarification needed.  please provide requested information.>>

Does the application provide users with notice and control? <<Please paste or attach notice>>

Does it describe to users clearly and accessibly how the screensharing application handles and shares information in connection with the screenshare stream? <<Please paste or attach description>>

Does it transmit only the specific content that the user directs to be transmitted?

Does it transmit User Directed Content only to the user’s intended recipients?
Does the usage comply with all the guidelines under the Developer Submission Policy regarding not harming the user or Mozilla listed at
Assignee: administration → nobody
Component: Administration → Custom Bug Entry Forms
Product: Bugzilla →
QA Contact: default-qa
Version: unspecified → Production
with the 10th anniversary we will put this more visible - we don't want every site requesting a 1 off or not knowing how to get access to using the screen sharing feature.

the web page is up there now with some kindof iffy direction on filing a bug manually.
Severity: normal → major
Sorry for the delay. Will start working on this tommorrow and get something up soon for your feedback.

Assignee: nobody → dkl
Hardware: x86 → All
I have put up the initial form for feedback at:

Please try it out and let me know of anything that needs to be fixed/changed.

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Flags: needinfo?(sescalante)
Hi David,

thank you for the chance to review.  

I got feedback that i had gone overboard asking too many questions in the template.  Can you make the changes I put in the screensharing whitelist.pdf?

Basically i crossed out 2 sections and changed wording on 2.

Sorry - didn't realize i was going overboard.
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Ok. Pushed a new version of the form to the test server for feedback based on new changes.

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that looks perfect.  We can go live with it.  Thank you David!!
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