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Make --enable-address-sanitizer pass the correct -fsanitize arguments to the toolchain


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Blocks: winasan
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glandium, can you please help me figure this out?

Here's the stuff that I have tried so far:

* I can reproduce the bustage locally with my patch applied.
* While trying to see what's different before and after my patch, I realized that before my patch, HOST_C/CXX/LDFLAGS contain -fsanitize=address but after my patch they don't, presumably because the in-tree ASAN mozconfigs don't set the HOST variables.  Adding the flag to the HOST_ counterparts in however did not help.
* Looking at the build logs from both before and after my patch, we build certutil.c (which is the NSS utility hit by this) both with -fsanitize=address, so the difference isn't there either.

Here is a link to my push earlier today: <>
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I bet the problem is that you *need* to link with -fsanitize=address. Well, that obviously won't work with link.exe, but it seems to me -fsanitize=address is making the compiler add something to the link command. IIRC, asan links a library so that'd be what it does. So you'd need to do that. Either by making the build link through clang, or by adding the right LDFLAGS.
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huh, except comment 4 is assuming the problem is with building clang-cl asan, which is not what the problem was.
Yeah, the linking should also be handled fine in my patch.  Do you have any other ideas?
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Try "export LDFLAGS=" in the mozconfig.
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(In reply to Mike Hommey [:glandium] from comment #7)
> Try "export LDFLAGS=" in the mozconfig.

That didn't help, unfortunately:
glandium, do you have any other ideas?  I've run out of them. :/
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It looks like the necessary changes got applied in bug 1280637 (making --enable-*-sanitizer DTRT) and bug 1307547 (don't pass the sanitizer flags on windows).
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