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Question 1: Contributor Cohort Analysis


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This ticket is part of a joint MoCo/MoFo contributor analysis project. Find out more here: 

We are using one ticket per question to track this work. Our goal is to answer a number of questions before the co-incident workweek. Some questions will not be practical to answer in this timeframe and when this happens we will keep the tickets for ongoing analysis after the workweek.

If you would like to work on this question, please comment on the ticket.


QUESTION 1: Contributor Cohort Analysis

* Can we look at data from 3 weeks of over the past 1.5 years, grab all the people who came to the volunteer page and see how far down various engagement funnels different contributors have gone from each cohort.
Summary: Q1: Contributor Cohort Analysis → Question 1: Contributor Cohort Analysis
We have a co-hort of email address from the sign-up data now:
CC: williamr << I know you were thinking about running a similar analysis for the users who sign-up from the newly redesigned contribute page(s) 

For this questions, we should write these scripts in such a way that we can re-use them to compare a cohort from last year with a more recent cohort (though we'll need a few months to see what the new sign-ups do).
For this bug we will be using Baloo ( data to see which of the people who signed up to get involved in Apr 2013 have gone on to contribute.

In the short term, this limits access to the data to Adam (me), and (soon) contributors who have signed an NDA. 

The limitations of this analysis will be:
* Not all systems are in Baloo (but a significant percentage are)
* A % of people will use different email addresses across different systems

We can look at:

* what people signed up to do (their indicated interest) vs what they went on to do.
* sign-up to contributor conversion rate
* time from sign-up to first contribution
I'll take this bug to work on as it's dependent on Baloo data, and access to that is currently restricted.
Assignee: nobody → adam
@pierros, can you share the cohort of email addresses with me (via the secure channel we talked about) when you get a minute.
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