UITour: when highlighting an item using an info panel, targetCallback does not fire unless the target is 'appMenu'




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Looks like in Bug 941862 we added the ability to fire a callback if an icon is clicked whilst pointing to it using an info panel. This was only done in the context of the original tour, so only seems to work if the target is "appMenu".

It would be useful if this callback was available for other targets, now that we are using info panels for icons things in upcoming tours.
I fixed a similar issue in bug 1068284, where we wouldn't call a callback if a menu was already open and we were expecting to need to open it. I suspect this may be along the same lines.
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Ah, nope. We explicitly only try to support the case where an info panel is shown for the app-menu button.

I don't think it should be too difficult to support other targets.
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Alex: Is this blocking anything at the moment?
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(In reply to Blair McBride [:Unfocused] from comment #3)
> Alex: Is this blocking anything at the moment?

I think it could come in handy in the upcoming tours (though I wouldn't say it's strictly a blocker per-say). For example, when highlighting an icon and showing an info panel pointing to it, it would be useful to be able to hide the highlight / info panel if the user clicks the icon to open whatever menu it is.

As it stands now, the highlight and info panel will remain visible underneath whatever has opened.
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