Self-serve requests for builders fail with Service Unavailable



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We always get Service Unavailable when trying to reach for:
Summary: Requesting for builders fail → Self-serve requests for builders fail with Service Unavailable
In general, not for this issue.
Any chance that we could expose the buildapi issues? Instead of simply returning:

> Service Unavailable
> The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

I can help debug issues since I have partial access but it is confusing for users of mozci:
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The error is from the load balancer, which is giving up waiting for the backend.  So that's all the data it has.

Showing tracebacks from a production service is very unsafe, since those tracebacks may reveal useful information -- possibly even passwords -- to attackers.  So we'd be unlikely to turn that on.

In general, the fix here is to port buildapi to relengapi and apply some elbow-grease to optimizing or caching the queries.
dustin answered. Many thanks Dustin!
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I could elbow grease a bit and see if new relic supports buildapi's model (I *think* it does) but thats slightly risky and we have no good staging area to host it in.

It may be worth pursuing if we don't envision porting the code this year and would envision optimizing/cleaning up buildapi code that results from data gleaned from new relic, otherwise its added churn for no/little gain.
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