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don't rerun selector matching for main thread animation/transition ticks


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This is like bug 977991 for the style attribute, but instead for ticks of animations and transitions.

In bug 996796 I added a fast way to do restyles for only the transition or animation styles, but at the time only used it for the miniflush replacement.  I intended to use it more.

It turns out I need to use it more prior to completing bug 960465.
There's clearly something wrong with my current patches; at least some of the above test failures were due to the patches here, as were problems with the Firefox OS lockscreen I was seeing on my phone.
I found the problem; it resulted in patch 1 and 2 of the resulting patch series.
Without this patch, patch 3 will cause bugs where we'll never remove the
cover rule we create during the process of starting a transition.  This
won't actually be problematic during the transition, since the
transition will overwrite it, but once the transition completes, the
cover rule will still be around, and we'll be stuck with the
pre-transition value instead of the post-transition value.

It's possible it also fixes existing bugs prior to the patch series in
this bug.
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I confirmed that this assertion fires (along with the other failures)
when running layout/style/test/test_transitions_events.html with patch 3
but not patch 1.
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This depends on bug 1086937 patch 1 because it requires that
ResolveStyleWithReplacement support eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhase on
::before and ::after pseudo-elements.

It also depends on patch 1 of this bug for the reasons described in
patch 1's commit message.

This is needed for bug 960465 so that we can use these hints to detect
whether pending restyles include restyles other than those for
animations.  In other words, patches for bug 960465 (or perhaps a
dependent bug that lands before it) will require that all animation
restyles use an animation-specific nsRestyleHint.

It is also, on its own, a performance improvement for animations and
transitions, since we will stop rerunning selector matching on the
animating element during the progress of the animations or transitions.
Once we remove eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhase the performance improvement
will even become slightly better.

Note that the eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhase is needed in some cases
because we use PostRestyleForAnimation in the non-animation-restyle
phase when we have a style rule that we need to add during the animation
restyle phase.  (It's not needed during the progress of the animation,
though.  But hopefully both eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhase will go away
soon, after bug 960465.  And hopefully the way we tick animations will
also change to look more like the animation-only restyle, but without
the main-thread-suppressed (throttled) animations.)
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