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[EME] GMP on MacOSX is instantiated twice


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Due to changes in bug 1060179 I inadvertently made it so that we call GMPChild::LoadPluginLibrary twice on MacOSX; firstly when GMPChild::OnChannelConnected() is called, and again when GMPChild::RecvStartPlugin() is called.

I discovered this in bug 1055395 when I was writing gTests which failed on MacOSX due to this.

I had a patch in bug 1055395, re-attached here, but Steven Michaud wants time to test it, so I spun off this bug to track fixing this issue.
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This patch now looks fine to me.

When I first saw it at bug 1055395, I misunderstood what it does.  I thought it undid the careful work I'd done to guarantee that, on the Mac, the sandbox doesn't get started until IPC has been fully set up.  I was wrong about that.

As I say at bug 1055395 comment #9, I've been using a call to GMPChild::OnChannelConnected() to indicate that IPC *must* now have been completely set up.  But after digging around in the IPC code, I discovered that the receipt of *any* IPC call will guarantee this just as well -- including one that results in a call to GMPChild::ReceiveStartPlugin().

Listener::OnChannelConnected() is called here, on receipt of a "hello" message:

There's nothing special about this message (compared to any other), and no guarantee that it will be the first to arrive on a particular channel.  So receiving it offers no better guarantee that IPC is fully set up than receiving any other message.
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Thanks for digging around and confirming that Steven!
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I'm guessing this made it to m-c.
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