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[EME] Indicate when media playback is not possible due to an unsupported CDM


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Firefox 37


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As a user, when I attempt to play back content protected by an unsupported Encrypted Media Extensions Content Decryption Module, I am presented with an indicator informing me that the content cannot be played back in Firefox as well as providing me with links to additional information so that I can learn why the content cannot be played back in Firefox, and if there are corrective steps that can be taken.
How does this work, technically? It's non-obvious to me how to determine this state from the spec. Does this need additional Gecko support?

Seems like we would need the DOM media element to fire an error event with a new error code to indicate that we successfully loaded an encrypted media source, but couldn't get key material, and no other source was able to be used instead?
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Gecko could check the "system id" that's embedded in the encryption data in the MP4 file (in the PSSH box) and if it's not for a keysystem that we recognize as for a known keysystem that we support, we could dispatch an event with a new error code (or an extra chrome only flag on the error maybe?) so that chrome JS can detect this condition.
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