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Enable leak logging for content processes on Windows


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(e10s+, firefox47 fixed)

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1. Fix bug 1073310.
2. Remove the |#if defined(XP_WIN)| block in |ShutdownXPCOM| that calls exit(0).
3. Remove the |if mozinfo.isWin: options.ignoreMissingLeaks.append["tab"]| block I'm going to add to in bug 1083897 so we require leak logs for content processes on Windows.
Depends on: 1083897
This is what step 2 and 3 from comment 0 is.
This is probably the important remaining piece of bug 1051230.
tracking-e10s: --- → ?
I think there are three remaining pieces of this:
1. bug 1193861 - Ensure child processes are recorded on Windows in the pidlog, so the test harness can tell if a process failed to create a log.
2. bug 1219369 - We're not actually recording leak logs on Windows 7 m-c due to sandboxing.
3. bug 1242119 - We're not getting leak logs on WinXP due to an early exit(0).

Fixing this bug will then consist of removing this chunk from

if mozinfo.isWin:
Assignee: nobody → continuation
Depends on: 1219369, 1193861
Depends on: 1242119
Currently, leakcheck ignores failures to produce a leak log on Windows for tab processes, because we don't ever generate a log for them. Once the blocking bugs are fixed, we will, so we should start enforcing that we actually doing leak checking.

Try run with patches from the blocking bugs:

I'll need to do a WinXP and Win8 try run to make sure it works on those platforms, but it looks like Win7 works.
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Still green:

I'll land this when the tree reopens.
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