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Make log shake robust to log parsing failures


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In bug 1079322 we have an issue where some parsing fails. This makes the whole feature being completely broken: we should avoid this. Instead, we should be as much resilient as possible, and in cases like this one we should:
 - dump an error in console
 - continue with the next log
In the event of broken/unexpected things, we would like to have even a
partial log set dump. This happens for parsing properties values on
Kitkat builds: the current code does all the parsing itself, but the
format of storage of properties evolved with Kitkat base system, and
this makes LogParser to fail, as documented in bug 1079322. Even if we
miss some values, it can still be useful to have the other remaining
Comment on attachment 8514948 [details] [diff] [review]
Make LogShake feature resilient to read/parse errors r=gwagner

Gregor, I'm r? you since you reviewed previous patches on LogShake. But feel free to redirect if needed :)

Move of the changes are just to move code inside the LogShake object, so that we can properly test in xpcshell unit test.
Attachment #8514948 - Flags: review?(anygregor)
With attachment 8514952 [details] and attachment 8514953 [details], we see how the new test fails without the fix.
A pending try has been triggered on
Local testing on Kitkat shows this works as expected.
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