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Dynamic input definition registry in System app (Gaia part of bug 936724)


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::System::Input Mgmt, defect)

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We would need to implement a backend to that Gecko API in System app, so that registered inputs is properly kept in the mozSettings.

Currently mozApp registry is the only source of truth for KeyboardHelper to answer "what's the available/enabled input for type X". With this bug it would have to take dynamic input definitions stored in mozSettings into considerations.

There will be another script added into System along to serve as the backend.
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mozilla-b2g:master PR#26218

This script is useless (and harmless) without bug 936724 in Gecko, so it's safe to land first.
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The patch actually looks fine for me, but I'd like convert the request to f+ as the Gip tests are all failing with keyboard-related errors.

Could actually be the case that it's just the test environment being quirky -- the dynamic_input_registry_test is also failing, which frankly is pretty impossible judging from the code.  

If further retriggers turn out to be green, feel free to r+ by yourself ;)
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mozilla-b2g:master PR#26218

It turn out I push the change that wrapped the function in it's own closure without expose it! This is fixed.

I also made some non-trivial changes on settings handling so we could use the same lock for get and set. Please review that part.
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mozilla-b2g:master PR#26218

Looks pretty good (Y). Nice work!

I did not look very detailedly into your Gecko patch at bug 936724 to make sure if your JS conforms to everything out there, though.
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