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Corners of Quartz StrokeRects are slightly off color


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Drawing a simple <div style="border:1px solid black"> on a white background on Mac gives us corner pixels that are rgb(1,1,1) instead of rgb(0,0,0).
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try showed a few issues:

* a couple of UNEXPECTED-PASSes ... so this was in fact already biting us.
* we shouldn't disable antialiasing when the pattern is not a solid color (since that will affect resampling of gradients/surfaces)
* we should generalize the workaround slightly so that it handles rotations by multiples of 90 degrees
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fix v3

We need to uplift this patch to Beta and Aurora in support of bug 1092842. Roc tells me that this is low risk. Certainly seems worth taking two low risk fixes as opposed to shipping a visible YouTube regression. Beta+ Aurora+
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Looks like those unexpected passes from comment 2 just showed up on aurora and beta following that landing.
I just landed the **reftest manifest changes only** from bug 1096181 on aurora and beta, because those changes actually belonged in either this bug or bug 1092842, which were just landed in both places:
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