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Steps to reproduce:

I have a Machine AMD A10 5700 in Dual Graphic with an HD6670 with Seven x64 in dualboot, Firefox is the last portable version 33.1.1 in a separate partition where I access from both sistems. No problems till lasts 2 or 3 releases of FF, all was work well before.
So I've try a lot of solutions and at least find the problem on a SO where I've disabled Dual Graphic from Catalyst Control Panel, and all now go ok. Is not an AMD driver problem I'm sure, couse ther'R 2 different version of Catalysts on the 2 SO and the problem(using the same version portable di FF), was identical. Problem is in lasts version of FF(no on other browser), related at APU in Dual Graphic. I'm sure, and U can look directly on that direction. Ciao, Simo.

Actual results:

Web images and videos on scrolling\moving mouse or surfing or simple browsing disappear chaosly in normal use of Internet, right click mouse menus are invisible and I can see only margins.
Component: Untriaged → Graphics
Product: Firefox → Core
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