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[heartbeat] hb survey view


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We need an HB view for surveys like the addproducts view. This way, analyzers can create new surveys, enable/disable surveys and see which survey names are valid.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
The totally basic immediate need of viewing surveys is in PR:
That only shows the existing surveys. I didn't go the whole 9 yards to allow for creating new surveys and editing them. I'm pushing that work off until later when things aren't so crazy.
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Pushed the basic view to production just now.

Will keep this open to finish up the work later.
Sliding this into Adam's pile.
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Oopos--unassigning myself.
Assignee: willkg → nobody
Tossing this in the 2015q1 queue.
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Bumping this to P3 since it's not super important to get done.
Priority: P1 → P3
Summary: hb survey view → [heartbeat] hb survey view
Talked to lguruprasad about this on IRC. Assigning it to him.

The summary of our conversation goes like this:

* I threw the existing heartbeat survey view together just so we had something Gregg could use, but it's missing a lot of stuff.

* I don't have a preference of sticking with function based views or switching to class based views--whichever works best is fine by me.

* The code should remain part of the analytics app since that's where all the other view code for Input for analyzers lives. That might seem a little odd, but it makes some things easier to deal with.

* The view needs to allow members of the analyzers group the ability to view, create and update heartbeat surveys.

* The users for this consist of Gregg and me and whichever other User Advocacy people end up getting involved with heartbeat. Having said that, we have a need for similar things in other areas of Input and if we had a good system for this, we could use that to build/improve the other things. For example, product maintenance.
Assignee: nobody → lgp171188
Mentor: willkg
In a PR:

Landed in master:

That covers the "create survey" form and also reworks it to use a CBV.

I'll push it to production later.

The last bit that needs to be implemented is the ability to update/change existing surveys.
Pushed the "create survey" bits to prod just now.
Pushed it to production just now. Marking as FIXED.

Thank you!
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Product: Input → Input Graveyard
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