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Add in support for win32/win64 builds


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I am slowly getting closer to enabling spidermonkey builds on win32 and win64. There are some necessary bits distributed among the mozharness scripts and config and the buildbot config that I need here.

The main build script for spidermonkey has now moved in-tree. is now just an adapter script to allow the in-tree to be invoked from buildbot. (Well, it also still contains the logic to do the full build, for older branches.)
--platform allows specifying win32 vs win64

The Windows builders require mozmake, but are currently running MozillaBuild 1.5.1 (!) which does not contain it, so we need to fetch it from tooltool.
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Add in support for win32/win64 builds

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::: scripts/spidermonkey_builds/
@@ +12,1 @@

This is something that's defined in the production/staging configs, so it should probably be passed through from there if possible. (Eg: Everything else seems fine.
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I'll pass it through a command line option.
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Give the tooltool server and the platform (so can distinguish between win32 and win64 builds.)
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This didn't completely work. I think I'm pulling the tooltool_url_list from the wrong config. Trying out a fix now.
According to my diff, this should do the trick.
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(In reply to Chris Cooper [:coop] from comment #10)
> In production:

I think this may have caused some spidermonkey-specific bustage, as reported by philor:
Argh! Put the arguments out of order. Fix the build script to allow any order.
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This is working, finally.
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