copy/paste not working with i18n




18 years ago
17 years ago


(Reporter: shao, Assigned: masaki.katakai)




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18 years ago
This is how I produced, if it is a realy problem, then I believe there are
thounsand other ways to reproduce this:

1. go to a chinese site, gb or big5 does not matter
2. go to a webmail site and compose an email
3. Using the mouse to copy the chinese and paste into the webmail's text box.
4. Send the email to your local mailbox
5. Open up and display, you will find the copy/pasted characters are displayed
as ??????

I have tried the same under opera and it seems working fine.

FreeBSD 4.4 mozilla 0.9.5

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18 years ago
Assignee: asa → yokoyama
Component: Browser-General → Internationalization
QA Contact: doronr → teruko

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18 years ago
I think it's charset problem in mail/news
assiging to nhotta
Assignee: yokoyama → nhotta
Product: Browser → MailNews

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18 years ago
This is about webmail in browser, I don't think this is for mail/news component.

Anyway, need more information. What is a URL of the webmail?
Product: MailNews → Browser

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18 years ago
The behaviour between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6 has now changed.
Note: this is not about mail/news 

I repeat the steps:
1. go to, assuming you have an account, send an 
email to your local mail box. Copy some chinese/japanese from a different browser window 
paste into the text box for the mail body.
2. check your mail in the local mail box. In 0.9.6: 
the mail message body containing i18n characters have disappeared completely. In 0.9.5, the 
mail message body containing i18n characters are shown as ?????????

This is not specific to 
webmail either. You can write yourself a simple cgi script that get the form data and save it to a 
file. And you will find that when posting some i18n characters via form, it will disppear in 

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18 years ago
linux copy and paste issue. reassign to katakai.
Assignee: nhotta → katakai

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18 years ago
QA contact to Yuying.
QA Contact: teruko → ylong


18 years ago
Keywords: intl

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18 years ago
I don't think it's copy & paste problem.

> 3. Using the mouse to copy the chinese and paste into the webmail's text box.

At this step, I believe the chinese characters displayed correctly, right?

I think the browser chaset is set to iso-8859-1 or somethinkg when browing If you want to post chinese character, you should change
the encoding to chinese.

For example, is providing EUC encoding and browser sets to
EUC for the pages and will post message as EUC encoding for the messages,
which should work and actually it works.
We are approaching Mozilla 1.0. Many things developed. Does the problem still
happen in a current version?


Comment 9

17 years ago
Shao Zhang, please retest the latest build.
No response -> WFM

Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

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17 years ago
Mark as verified per comment above.
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