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"Check for updates" fails for SeaMonkey on 64bit Linux


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When I do Help -> Check for updates I do get the Software Update window, but I get "There are not updates available. ..." even though SM 2.31 has been released.

Actually, this has been the case for a while (and I thought I had already filed a bug once), but it's still annoying to have to manually download and install updates!

Using LiveHTTPHeaders I managed to find out that it asks for

which just contains

<?xml version="1.0"?>
This is expected for us (for now). Linux64 is technically "unofficial" even though we do build it.

Due to a prior limitation in our build scripts we don't provide updates automatically (we do have some VERY manual steps we can do to support it)

We do hope to be able to offer automated updates for Linux64 sometime soon though.
Anything I can do to help?

I haven't seen a 32bit machine in a while now, and while most Linuxes still install the 32bit compatibility libraries, these get rarer. So getting Linux64 to be the fully supported (like for FF and TB) seems quite important to me.
This bug is dependent on bug 691752 and bug 1254401.  So theoretically speaking, once those bugs are fixed
this bug should be fixed as well. (Note: external distros providing binaries shouldn't be updateable
from moco's servers).
Depends on: operation_ysnp, 691752
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