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this is something alecf told me about a while back.

basically, if a news message has a certain sequence of characters, the message
should be displayed with a button.  clicking on the button shows the rest of the

it's called the surprise feature or something.
Alec - can you elaborate on this?  What type of sequence of characters?   Why
would someone want this feature?
Summary: [HELP WANTED] news "surprise" feature → [HELP WANTED] news "spoiler" feature
Target Milestone: M15
marking m15.

let me explain the feature a little more:

there would be a message, like this:

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side

When viewed, the A: part would be hidden and there would be button (or
something) that when clicked would show the whole message.

renaming the summary to be "spoiler", as that is what it's called.
Whiteboard: HELP WANTED
we should use the same twisty icon that we use when a mail message has many
recipients to show/hide the recipient list.

Adding rhp to the list because this is really a libmime feature.

Rich, the way seth and I were thinking about this was to basically have a
"surprise counter" in libmime that would determine how many surprises to
display. Each surprise twisty would have an index, when you click on the twisty,
it would look like:

if (twisty.closed)
  surpriseCounter = twisty.index+1;
  surpriseCounter = twisty.index

then libmime would basically display messages as it normally did, but if it
encountered a twisty, it would do something like:

if (surpriseCounter <= message.surpriseCount)
this should be obvious, but this is a LOW priority feature.  way low.
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The sequence of characters in question is ^L (that is, Control+L). See for a nice
discussion about its support in other newsreaders. There's no reason
it shouldn't apply to e-mail as well as Usenet, of course.

The usual case is someone talking about a movie or whatever on Usenet,
who doesn't want to annoy those who haven't seen/read it yet. The
lowest-common-denominator solution is to insert lots of blank lines
(liberally marked with `SPOILER SPACE'), so people have to scroll to
see it. ^L is the, uh, more sophisticated solution.

-- mpt
Keywords: helpwanted
Summary: [HELP WANTED] news "spoiler" feature → news "spoiler" feature
Whiteboard: HELP WANTED
Target Milestone: M15
There should be some easy way of adding a spoiler mark when composing a message, 
too. But that's another bug.
BTW, spoiler insertion in composition is now Bug #27153.

Also, I wonder how this would affect HTML mail. What happens if there's a ctrl-L
character inside a block element (like <P>, <DIV>, <BLOCKQUOTE>)? Would this
cause a problem with layout?
I have a "spoiler" page, which shows how various newsreaders support the spoiler 

char: <> (I make no claims as to the 

completeness of the list).

John Moreno

moving out there.
Target Milestone: --- → Future
> Also, I wonder how this would affect HTML mail.
> What happens if there's a ctrl-L
> character inside a block element (like <P>, <DIV>,
> <BLOCKQUOTE>)? Would this
> cause a problem with layout?

The form feed character is defined as white space in HTML, and should be 
treated as such. In XHTML (XML), the form feed character is forbidden.
*** Bug 85726 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
So, let me see if I understand this. Bug 11080 is about Mail/News handling the
spoiler character for display, and bug 27153 is about enabling insertion of this
character in Composer.
That's right.
Yep. I'm not sure how likely 27153 is, as the most useful way of adding 
the ability to insert it is via a menu, and it's my understanding that there is 
some reluctance to add them.  It almost certainly won't get added until 
after this bug is fixed.

PS -- 14 messages with a spoiler char in rasfw on Sep 6.
See also bug 66822.
66822 is only tangentially related. It's unlikely that it would have any impact 
on this bug, or vice versa. Yes, rot13 is sometimes used to hide spoiler text, 
but otherwise it's an unrelated feature.
QA Contact: lchiang → nobody
In <c1ik5m$1j9h0d$> (sorry, in German) I have
outlined a possible solution which I'm willing to modify for use within MailNews.
Assignee: nobody → mnyromyr
Karsten, the code would probably be the plaintext converter, probably the
generic one, in netwerk/streamconv/converters/mozTXTToHTMLConv, function
GlyphHit, somewhere around "// x^2 -> sup".

I'd either
- just replace the spoiler with <div class="moz-txt-formfeed">, plus CSS that
inserts 100% height *before* the tag
- use alecf's proposal of using grippies, if possible, but then you definitely
need sensibly positioned </div> tags.

Note that you can't use JavaScript, I think, it's usually disabled and the doc
you produce is content, not chrome.
Just turn the spoiler space denoting character ^L (aka \f aka FF) into a <div>
with the new class moz-txt-formfeed and style its height to 100%, thus creating
an empty page within the respective <browser>.
This pattern translation is part of the kGlyphSubstitution.
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Very simple patch that turn ^L into an empty page


I'd prefer the Twisties, but it seems they're much harder, given that libmime
feeds the converter line by line.
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Very simple patch that turn ^L into an empty page

Actually, the FF char is potentially inline, as shown by the examples, so maybe
use a span in the konverter and turn it into a display: block in the
stylesheet. (No need a for a new patch, you can do what while checking in.)

Thanks for the patch, Karsten!
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Let me add my thanks for the patch, Karsten: Thanks!  I hope it gets checked in soon.
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Fix checked in.
Closed: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Keywords: helpwanted
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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