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Debug build shutdown crash in mozilla::image::SurfaceCacheImpl::StopTracking, when starting Firefox with no profile. (with "###!!! ASSERTION: Tried to remove an object that's not tracked: 'state->IsTracked()', nsExpirationTracker.h, line 141")


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 1. In a debug build, run:
    ./dist/bin/firefox -profile ./bogusPath -no-remote
  (where "./bogusPath" is a path to a nonexistant directory)

 2. Click "OK" on the "Profile Missing" dialog that pops up.

Assertion followed by crash.
The assertion is:
###!!! ASSERTION: Tried to remove an object that's not tracked: 'state->IsTracked()', file ../../dist/include/nsExpirationTracker.h, line 141

And the crash happens *while* we're trying to evaluate this assertion's condition:
> 144     NS_ASSERTION(generation.Length() > index &&
> 145                  generation[index] == aObj, "Object is lying about its index");

I'm not exactly sure why we crash there -- gdb told me 'index' was 173693530, and it crashed while trying to evaluate the result of "p generation.Length()".

This is inside of ~RasterImage's call into SurfaceCache::RemoveImage, FWIW. Full backtrace attached.
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On OS X the STR above don't work for me, but I can reproduce by running:

> ./obj/dist/ -ProfileManager -no-remote

And then clicking on the "Exit" button.
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So during XPCOM shutdown, nsExpirationTracker::AddObject can fail because it tries to call |do_CreateInstance(";1")| via nsExpirationTracker::CheckStartTimer. This doesn't work during shutdown because XPCOM.

The solution is to check if that happened and warn instead of trying to remove the surface from the nsExpirationTracker in SurfaceCacheImpl::StopTracking. For now I'm not inclined to do anything special in StartTracking when this happens, even though we can detect it there; this is generally harmless since the surface will get freed when the image is released or imgIContainer::RequestDiscard is called or if we have a memory pressure event. And it seems almost impossible to hit this except during XPCOM shutdown.
This patch implements the strategy described in the previous comment. After applying this patch, I can no longer reproduce an assertion or a crash using the STR in this bug. (I do sometimes get the warning added in this patch, which is expected!)
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Handle failure of nsExpirationTracker::AddObject in the SurfaceCache

Looks good! Just a few nits:

>+++ b/image/src/SurfaceCache.cpp
>@@ -380,33 +380,40 @@ public:
>     mAvailableCost -= costEntry.GetCost();
>     if (aSurface->IsLocked()) {
>       mLockedCost += costEntry.GetCost();
>       MOZ_ASSERT(mLockedCost <= mMaxCost, "Locked more than we can hold?");
>     } else {
>       mCosts.InsertElementSorted(costEntry);
>+      // This may fail during XPCOM shutdown; we need to ensure the object is
>+      // tracked before calling RemoveObject in StopTracking, below.
>       mExpirationTracker.AddObject(aSurface);

 s/XPCOM shutdown; we/XPCOM shutdown, which means we/

(Otherwise it sounds a bit like you're just stating two independent facts. The causal relationship is important to emphasize.)

>   void StopTracking(CachedSurface* aSurface)
>   {
>+      if (aSurface->GetExpirationState()->IsTracked()) {
>+        mExpirationTracker.RemoveObject(aSurface);
>+      } else {
>+        NS_WARNING("Not expiration tracking an unlocked surface!");
>+      }

(1) Maybe use MOZ_LIKELY() on this condition? It should be extremely rare that we fail the check.

(2) Add a comment somewhere near this code, explaining why we're bothering with the IsTracked() check.  (You have a comment in StartTracking, but don't have one here.)

e.g. maybe add this to the clause with the NS_WARNING:
        // Our AddObject() call in StartTracking() must've failed (e.g. due to OOM or
        // because xpcom is being shut down).

(3) Maybe add a hyphen to "expiration-tracking", in the NS_WARNING, to make it clearer where the verb in that sentence begins & ends. :)
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Sure, I'll make those changes. Thanks for the review!
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Here's a try job, out of paranoia:
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Handle failure of nsExpirationTracker::AddObject in the SurfaceCache

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]: 1060869
[User impact if declined]: Potential crashes at shutdown.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TBPL]: On central.
[Risks and why]: Very low risk. Just makes us check if an operation has failed before we rely on its result.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: None.
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