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I've been working at Moz for 1+ year and I still get confused over the different parts of devtools. I call them devtools but people in devtools call them "the toolbox".

Then there's that extra sort of console one liner thing that sits under the normal console prompt and it's referred to as "developer toolbar" but it's not a developer toolbar with buttons and icons as any developer would expect, but a console one liner that is also referred to as "GCLI" internally and when you click on "Developer toolbar" in the menu for the first time. #wat

If this is very confusing for me, imagine how confusing it is for people who are new to either web development or Firefox Devtools!

There are more examples and this is just a couple of dissonances I just found today. I will keep adding them to this bug as I find them.
Yeah - people on the team refer to the toolbox that way because at one point we didn't have a toolbox, just separate tools.

Joe has a long-standing plan that I think is great but got delayed this year due to the browser project. That project is to a) remove the developer toolbar and at the same time b) allow people to run gcli commands directly from the console.

My sense is this is a decent amount of work, cc'ing Joe if he has any further comments.
Unifying "consoles" would be awesome in so many levels! Productivity increase! Disambiguation! Marvel!

Also unifying the language we use in general would be great. My point stands!
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> Also unifying the language we use in general would be great. My point stands!

It gets worse, every time we build something else ( WebIDE, Add-on Debugger, etc ) ...we stick a toolbox into it.


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