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[e10s] "Configuration Mania" add-on breaks LastPass add-on form fill when e10s is enabled


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In bug 1096056 comment 5, :streetwolf reported:

"While CM (Configuration Mania) now seems to work under e10s, it also breaks my LastPass add-on. With the new CM enabled LP will not fill in forms whether automatically or manually. When I disable CM LP works fine.
I'm unable to reproduce.  I installed this extension on Nightly, and LastPass continued to work as expected.

Perhaps you have a specific preference enabled within this extension that's causing the problem for you?  I'm unfamiliar with this extension, so I didn't test further than simply installing it.
Gary: do you have any other preferences or extensions installed that might cause this problem? Can you reproduce this problem with a new user profile?
This combo managed to freeze up my browser.
Does the freeze occur when you force-fill?  If so, I don't think it has anything to do with configuration mania.  That issue is tracked in:

Regardless, anyone running an e10s build of Firefox should run our beta build that's designed for e10s compatibility:
No it was an autofill. I hadn't been using the e10s Lastpass build though, any ETA on release of that?
That's what I meant by force-fill.  A forced autofill will definitely freeze Firefox e10s builds at the moment, due to the Firefox bug I linked above.

The LastPass e10s build is getting closer to ready for release, but we don't have a specific time frame yet (and of course, once we are ready for release, AMO's notoriously slow review queues will delay the release even further).  Regardless, if you're running an e10s build of Firefox, I'd definitely recommending running the e10s build of LastPass.
Hi Andrew =]

Hopefully you'll have a better Review experience - since getting the turn-around to be significantly faster has been a huge focus this year.

do you have an anticipated time when lastpass version 4 will go from beta to release?

timing wise we should be testing MPC:true (multi-process compatible) and webextension based add-ons in beta Fx50 (sept 12).  if that goes well they could ride the train to 50 release Nov 7.  If not they should be there by 51 at the end of January.  everything is dependent upon keeping good stability & performance - but so far it's looking promising.  we're keeping this spreadsheet updated, to show if there are any changes based on the metric results.
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Yes, I've been monitoring the timeline closely.  We will be sure to release to AMO when necessary.
No longer blocks: e10s-addons
<> 4.1.65a is multiprocess compatible. 

Whether the same is true for release 4.1.54, I don't know.
With WebExtensions being the only valid way of doing extensions in Firefox 57, I don't think this bug is still relevant.
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