pref change to true for network.http.altsvc.enabled and altsvc.oe

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The current status of these prefs:

pref("network.http.altsvc.enabled", false);
pref("network.http.altsvc.oe", false);
pref("network.http.altsvc.enabled", true);
pref("network.http.altsvc.oe", true);
The intention has always been to enable them one release after we ship h2 at proposed standard level (i.e. not a draft).

gecko-36 is the first release to have enabled advertisement for h2 at non-draft status - therefore the alt svc changes should be done in 37.
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pref change to true for altsvc
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pref change to true for altsvc

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3 years ago
Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: AltSvc enables so-called opportunistic (unauthenticated) encryption
[Suggested wording]: Implemented HTTP/2 AltSvc support
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: (:hurley?)
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(In reply to Florian Bender from comment #5)
> [Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: (:hurley?)

I suspect mcmanus has something in the works (or will soon), since he's been the one writing all the code for this.
relnoted as "New: Implemented HTTP/2 AltSvc support for opportunistic (unauthenticated) encryption"

mcmanus/hurley - I didn't find any Mozilla specific docs with a quick search. I also see that bug  	1003448 is still marked dev-doc-needed. Do you know of any doc that I can link to that further explains this feature?
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I suppose, unless mcmanus knows of a better doc somewhere, the I-D might be better than nothing? ( is the version implemented in 37)
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comment 8 is good. I'll also blog about this next week
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I don't think the link in comment 8 is good for the release notes. It's simply too detailed for the audience. We need something that is more consumable starting with a bit of a lay description of the change. 

Patrick - Can you include a high level description of the feature in your blog post? If so, let's wait on the link until you have the post up.
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