[B2G] Provide an interface for waking up network hardware



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
When we are in idle state (bug 1085760) we will need a way to wake up network hardware that is turned off.

So we will need an interface:

And we will need an nsIObserverService notification when network is ready.

Function NetworkHardware.WakeUp() should return false if network hardware is already up so that we know that no notification will be sent afterwards. And in case it returns true we will wait for the notification.


3 years ago
Blocks: 1085760

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3 years ago
Are there any plans for this bug? How urgent this feature is?
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Hi Dragana,

I'll discuss it with Vincent and Henry next week, and will let you know ASAP.
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(In reply to Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] from comment #1)
> Are there any plans for this bug? How urgent this feature is?


We reviewed and discussed about this issue.
The conclusion is that we tend to lower the priority of this bug.
The main reason is, bug 1084156, which was landed after we met in Portland, leverages Wi-Fi power save mode to significantly save power consumption.
(The flow is depicted here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/images/c/c6/WifiPowerModeState.svg)

Since B2G device already uses Wi-Fi power save mode by default, we "guess" implementing nsIIOService idle state does not benefit power saving much. But this is our gut feeling. We cannot provide concrete statistics unless we implement some prototype of idle state and perform power measurement.

I plan to make a report to sum up our previous proposal, ideas and discussions (including the conclusion we made in Portland work week) so that we can recap and further discuss this topic more easily. I'll let you know when the report is done and we can discuss and confirm the plan/priority with Jason and Adam then. :)
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