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[Find My Device] Write a test for Find My Device new account


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This is more involved than bug 1112334.

Partial implementation of

Steps to reproduce manually:
- Go to Settings
- Tap on Find My Device
- Tap on Create account or sign in
- Enter mail, tap Next
- Age Verification, Enter Year of Birth -> 1990 or earlier
- Enter password, tap Next
- Confirm Your Account, We will send an email to: {mail@address} -> Tap Done
- Account has to be verified in your mailbox (I guess mail account has to be set up here, and clicked on the link in the message there)
- Go to Settings -> Verify that Firefox Accounts is signed in as {mail@address}
- Go to Firefox Accounts
- Tap on Sign Out
- Go back to Settings -> Verify that Firefox Accounts is signed out
- Tap on Find My Device -> Verify that you need to sign in again

Afterwards, make sure that the Firefox account is deleted by doing: 
- Go to:, 
- Enter {mail@address} and password, tap on Sign In
- Tap on "Delete account" link
- Re-enter password, tap on "Delete account" -> Account successfully deleted
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