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small refactorings for the recursivemake backend


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These are really the start of moving lots of things *out* of the recursivemake
backend, but I don't know when I'll be able to complete the larger
refactoring.  So I'm posting these patches to get them out of my queue.
_add_unified_build_rules does quite a lot of work besides adding
makefile rules and variables.  The divying up of source files into
unified files is one part of that, so move it out into its own function.
When we eventually move that computation out of, this
refactoring will make it easier to verify that's what we've done.
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Writing the unified files is another thing that will have to be moved
out of eventually.  And it doesn't belong inline amidst
makefile rules and variables.  Move its logic to a separate function as
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part 1 - factor sources->unified file computation out of _add_unified_build_rules

>+            return itertools.ifilter(lambda x: x != dummy_fill_value,
>+                                         iterable)

whitespace nit: "iterable" was aligned under "lambda". Though we don't have much consistency for this within the file :)
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