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Asking if a slot is aliased is confusing


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JSScript::varIsAliased is confusingly named. From the name alone, it seems like you can ask if a var slot is aliased. But this doesn't even make sense: vars with slots are not aliased by definition; if they didn't have a slot, then they would live in the CallObject and would not have a slot.

The argument that varIsAliased really expects is the binding index into the script's binding array, not the frame index.

I found this while investigating why "inner" in the snippet below wasn't getting inlined:

function bench() {
  var x = 0;
  function inner() { x++; }
  for (var i = 0; i < 1000000; i++)

x has bindingIndex = 0, frameIndex = n/a because it's aliased
inner has bindingIndex = 1, frameIndex = 0

Ion then asks JSScript if slot 0 is aliased, and JSScript erroneously returns true.
Rename varIsAliased to bindingIsAliased and require the caller to pass in a
BindingIter instead of a bare uint32, to make it clear that this is not a slot
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Make checking if a slot is aliased less confusing.

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Much nicer! Thanks.
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Btw, please backport the CompileInfo.h change to Aurora. It's a one-liner and (based on the testcase in comment 0) this might affect a lot of code.
Good improvement!  To wit, before Jan's recent work, all variables used to have slots, even the aliased ones, so one could query whether a slot was aliased (which meant the slot was dead space).  This weirdness derives from the original design of storing all variables in the StackFrame and having the CallObject alias the StackFrame.
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This was a ~10% win or so on Octane-pdfjs on AWFY. Nice :)
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