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create a new bug form for discourse issues (based on


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Not set





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It shouldn't be in the reps form, and it should be put in this category. Tad helped us with the last one, so he should be able to do this one.
moving to bugzilla :)


Can we remove the Discourse category from please?

Let's create a new form, form.csa.discourse. Use the information from as a template, the base questions (name, community, mozillians profile, reps profile) and the questions from the discourse category option

Send the bugs to Infra and Ops > Community IT :: Discourse

Would be great!!!! thanks c:
Component: Community IT: Discourse → Administration
Product: Infrastructure & Operations →
Take out reps profile - there's no reason to limit requests for categories to reps only.

it's not about limiting to reps

It's about gathering profile data to easily find people. Reps is an optional field.
We don't have a use for the reps field. The module owner and peers of Discourse have discussed it. It could give the impression that only reps are welcome to request categories, and this is obviously not true.
The form does make it explicit that it's only "if applicable" but not my call.

anything goes for me. leaving this bug for now, not sure why I was assigned to this in the first place.
Assignee: tom → nobody
Component: Administration → Custom Bug Entry Forms
Summary: Make Discourse category requests on their own form → create a new bug form for discourse issues (based on
I have pushed my changes to our testing system for your feedback here:

Let me know if the form looks correct. Also I have removed the Discourse option from the form if you want to verify that as well.

Assignee: nobody → dkl
From the Discourse form, can you please remove the moderators and reps profile? Sorry, I wasn't intending this bug to be put in the Bugzilla component, which is why I filed it under Community IT without much detail.

Assignee: dkl → dylan
We'll have the next revision up for demo on bugzilla-dev as soon as we finish some branch cleanup. Sorry for the wait!
I have removed moderators and the reps profile from the CSA Discourse form. The changes are available for review below:
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Looks good to me, thanks much!
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And here is this for review.
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Review of attachment 8565504 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=glob, with issues to be fixed on commit.

::: extensions/REMO/template/en/default/bug/create/create-remo-it.html.tmpl
@@ -251,5 @@
> -<tr class="odd">
> -  <th>Hex code of background of category tag:</th>
> -  <td><input id="discourse_bg" name="discourse_bg" size="40"></td>
> -</tr>
> -</tbody>

the discourse fields have been removed from the form, but not from the comment template.

::: extensions/REMO/web/js/moz_csa_discourse.js
@@ +3,5 @@
> + * You can obtain one at
> + *
> + * This Source Code Form is "Incompatible With Secondary Licenses", as
> + * defined by the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. */
> +/*global $ */

as per our discussion, this belongs in a project-wide file, not in each individual file.

@@ +32,5 @@
> +            errors.push("There are missing required fields");
> +        }
> +
> +        if (errors.length) {
> +            alert(errors.join("\n"));

this should event.preventDefault(); and return
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